Birth Time Rectification

To get accurate predictions from astrological charts you require not only your birth date, but also your accurate birth time. Yet, it is sometimes not known accurately or not known at all. This analysis looks at all the life events in detail and maps it to the chart which accurately predicts all of the life events. Your birth chart changes every 4 minutes, so this analysis requires me to draw more than 70 charts and analyze all of them and see which one fits perfectly in your life. Thisis how it works :

  • I will send you a list of questions. Answer them to the best of your ability.

  • I will then draw dozens of charts for various times and start the analysis

  • I will be drawing 3 charts (Main, D-9 and Another D chart) for every 4 minute interval.

  • I will zero in on the charts which match most closely with your life events

  • I will calculate planetary periods and confirm the events as per the chart

  • I will then share the accurate time and/or date of birth with you.

Cost of Service :-

If you know your date of birth but not sure about time of birth :- $110

If you do not know your date of birth as well as time of birth :- $300

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