Annual Horoscope (Varshphal)

This report gives you the Varshphal ( Annual chart predictions, from last birthday to next birthday).

Your birthday is a very important day every year. Astrologocally speaking Birthday does not exactly occur on the same day, date and time every year. Your next birth day, date and time actually happens when the Sun comes after a year to the same longitude as it was on your birth date time. So you need to know your exact birth day, date and time every year. The position of planets and related constellation change their positions in your birth chart on your birthday every year. Therefore your fortune/luck also changes after your each birthday. The Varshphal report gives you the complete predictions for the year from your last birthday to the next birthday. Which of the major events, as promised in your birth chart horoscope, can occur during that year, May be the marriage, if you are single, May be the arrival of a new born, May be the hurdles/problems you may face in your career, business and income during that year, along with the Vedic remedies to reduce the ill effects of inauspicious planets & constellations.

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