Know Your Mantra

Looking at the birth chart and then finding out the troublesome planets is the traditional way of doing astrological analysis. Alternatively we can also look at some of the life events and some of the personality traits and from there identify the planets responsible and then suggest remedy. This program is a result of 2 years long research. You will be presented with a number of questions and you will have to put a check mark in front of the questions that apply to you. If done sincerely and honestly, this program will give you the Mantra that you need to adopt to alleviate your concerns. Please Click on the “button” below to start. Please note that this program only identifies an issue if any one planet is significantly affecting your life in a negative way.

CHECK ALL THAT APPLIES (There are 45 Questions)

Are you too moody?

Do you lack drive and motivation?

Are you too dependent on others to get things done?

Do you feel that you are less intelligent than others around you?

Do you feel you have poor communication skills and difficulty in expressing yourself?

Do you feel you are emotionally weak?

Are you easily dominated by others?

Are you easily manipulated by others?

Do you lack self confidence?

Do you lack compassion and friendliness?

Are you facing material and financial difficulties?

Do you get too much attached to your past?

Do you feel that you are always under some kind of restraint or restriction and do not feel like a free person?

Do you have poor endurance and afraid of facing difficulties?

Do you feel that you are not beautiful and lack charm or grace?

Do you feel that you do not have a very refined personality?

Do you have very few friends?

Do you feel that you do not have good memory?

Do you waste a lot of your time in useless activities?

Do you suffer from a lot of fear and anxiety?

Do you suffer from lack of self-doubt?

Do you have difficulty concentrating?

Do you think you suffer from lack of insight and is unable to think very deeply about anything?

Do you suffer from anxiety?

Are you hypersensitive?

Do you have strange fantasies and imaginations?

Do you feel uncomfortable dealing with people and people issues?

Do you easily give up in debates and arguments?

Do you feel you suffer from lack of energy and generally feel lazy?

Do you have lack of self-control?

Do you day dream a lot?

Do you feel that you suffer from lack of joy and enthusiasm?

Do you get dipressed very often?

Do you have poor self esteem?

Do you have weak will or courage?

Do you easily get agitated?

Are you having difficulties in making money?

Do you feel difficulty in expressing anger?

Are your children or spouse casuing you any sorrows and hardship?

Do you feel that you are very creative?

Are you having difficulties in romantic life?

Do you feel difficulty in expressing your feelings?

Do you feel lack of love and affection in your life?

Do you feel that you are not very practical in life?

Do you quit easily instead of trying again and again till you are successful?