Complete Vedic Astrology Analysis of the Chart

This report gives you the complete chart readings and all the twelve houses reading of your natal chart horoscope, in great details, covering all the aspects of life. This report is prepared after studying your varga-9 chart and all the 12 houses of the natal chart horoscope.

Price: $49.99

This report also includes:

  • Calculations of Mahdasha (main ruling planet) periods of your life
  • Antardasha periods (sub ruling planets periods) in current mahadasha planet
  • Predictions of current Antardasha in Mahadasha in details
  • Prediction in brief for other Antardasha
  • Calculations of periods of all the three cycles of saturn periods
  • Predictions for on going Saturn periods (Sadhesati), if any
  • Manglik (Kuja Dosha) considerations predictions
  • Kaalsarp Dosh consideration predictions
  • Gem selections for your life, luck and benefic stones
  • Favourable and auspicious selection of spouse/life partners
  • Combinations specific to your chart