64th Navamsa Technique

Normally we are taught to believe the following regarding Kharesh ~

  • Lord of the 64th Navamsa from Lagna is Kharesh

  • Lord of the 22nd Drekkana from Lagna is Kharesh.

Some texts mention calculating these points from Moon!! Almost every book asks us to consider this point and the Lord of this Navamsa – Kharesh to look for bad results, but how? In order to get a clear understanding of the subject a little primer on the basics will be mentioned here.

For Chara Rasi (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) – the first Navamsa will be of the same sign and then the next sign. So the first Navamsa in Aries will be Aries, Second Navamsa will be that of Taurus!! For Sthira Rasi (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) – the first Navamsa will be that of the 9th sign. For example the first Navamsa in Taurus will be Capricorn and the second Navamsa will be that of Aquarius. For Dwi-Swabhav Rasi (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces) – the first Navamsa will be that of 5th sign. For example the first Navamsa in Gemini will be of Libra, the second Navamsa will be that of Scorpio. The above rules are elementary and a student of Astrology is supposed to know them by heart.

As we all know the Zodiac starts from 0 degrees Aries, so starting of Taurus will be 30 degrees, Gemini will be 90 degrees and so on. Let us for example say Saturn as of today is at 25:56:56 Cancer, it indirectly means that Saturn is at 115:56:56 – this will be from 0 degree Aries!!! Hope the concept is clear. Do we use Decimal degrees? Or do we use deg:min:sec?? Depends on how fast you want to do your calculations!! How? Saturn is right now at 115.949 (note the decimal) degrees!!! Let us now convert this Decimal degree to Deg:Min:Sec value!!! Everybody knows that 1 Degree has 60 Minutes & One Minute has 60 Seconds!!! Next separate the degree in decimals 115.949 to 115.0 and 0.949. Now convert 0.949 to seconds by multiplying it by 60!! We have 56.94!!! Separate this as 56 Minutes and 0.94!! Multiply 0.94 by 60 – we have 56.4 So the Empirical Value of 115.949 is written as 115:56:56 – fair enough? Why have I stressed this point? It is easier to use decimal degrees than conventional deg:min:sec values. This is greatly helpful when you are calculating Kendra positions from a planet and its Trinal positions.

Kendra positions will be 0, 90, 180 and 270 degrees!! Trinal positions will be 0, 120 and 240 degrees. As you can see it is much easier to use Decimals!!! One of the software’s Astrolog gives you decimal degrees, hence my favorite. You will find the download link in appropriate topic on the community. Navamsa divisions in a house – We all know Navamsa is 1/9th division of a house, so each division is 3deg and 20 sec of an arc!! Converted this to decimal each division is 3.3333 degrees!! How to calculate the 64th Navamsa? Different books and authors give different methods of calculating this point; however we will concentrate on the method used for current use. The method described is totally radical and taken from Nadi Shastra’s, so DO NOT CONFUSE THIS METHOD FROM WHAT IS GIVEN BY SOFTWARES!!!

The Rule is ~ 64th Navamsa of a planet is the 8th house from that planet in Rasi Chart and its Navamsa position would be the 4th house from that planet’s Natal Navamsa (D9) position. Sounds confusing?? Allow me to explain step by step by taking an example horoscope.

Example Horoscope

Natal Chart
Date: June 30, 1973
Time: 23:30:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 74 E 30' 00", 15 N 52' 00"
Belgaum, India
Altitude: 0.00 meters
Rasi Position D1
Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
Lagna 28 Aq 01' 03.56" PBha 3 Aq Ge
Sun - MK 15 Ge 17' 50.50" Ardr 3 Ge Aq
Moon - AK 19 Ge 02' 40.43" Ardr 4 Ge Pi
Mars - PiK 12 Pi 53' 38.93" UBha 3 Pi Li
Mercury - PK 8 Cn 29' 21.72" Push 2 Cn Vi
Jupiter (R) - AmK 17 Cp 10' 32.97" Srav 3 Cp Ge
Venus - GK 6 Cn 58' 49.24" Push 2 Cn Vi – or this is close to 7 degrees?
Saturn - DK 2 Ge 37' 25.67" Mrig 3 Ge Li
Rahu - BK 14 Sg 11' 24.52" PSha 1 Sg Le
Ketu 14 Ge 11' 24.52" Ardr 3 Ge Aq

Next take the Navamsa position D9

Body Longitude (in D-9) Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa
Lagna 12 Ge 09' 32.01" Ardr 2 Ge Cp
Sun - PiK 17 Aq 40' 34.51" Sata 4 Aq Pi
Moon - MK 21 Pi 24' 03.84" Reva 2 Pi Cp
Mars - AK 26 Li 02' 50.39" Visa 2 Li Ta
Mercury - PK 16 Vi 24' 15.50" Hast 2 Vi Ta
Jupiter (R) - GK 4 Ge 34' 56.69" Mrig 4 Ge Sc
Venus - DK 2 Vi 49' 23.15" UPha 2 Vi Cp
Saturn - AmK 23 Li 36' 51.03" Visa 2 Li Ta
Rahu - BK 7 Le 42' 40.64" Magh 3 Le Ge
Ketu 7 Aq 42' 40.64" Sata 1 Aq Sg

Next let us apply the rule and find out the 64th Navamsa for each Planetary body and Lagna. For beginners let us take

A) Lagna ~

Rasi Chart – Lagna is Aquarius – Find the 8th house from this spot – It is Virgo!! ------- a Navamsa Chart – Locate the Lagna – it is Gemini – Find the fourth house from this spot!! It is Virgo!! ----- b Applying the 64th Navamsa rule we get the following ~ Lagna’s 64th Navamsa Position will be in Virgo (a) and in Virgo Navamsa (b)!!!

Virgo Navamsa in Virgo is the last Navamsa!!! Please refer rule for Navamsa given above. The degrees will be 26.6666 to 30.0000 (Decimal) or conventional 29:56:40 to 30:00:00

All this is in the Rasi Chart!!

B) Let us calculate for Rahu

Rasi Chart – Rahu is in Sagittarius – 8th from Sagi is Cancer.

Navamsa Chart – Rahu is in Leo, 4th house from Taurus is Scorpio

Apply Rule – 64th Navamsa position of Rahu will be in Cancer and in Scorpio Navamsa – fair enough?? The relevant degrees will be 96.6666 to 99.9999 Decimals!!!

How do we use this data in predictions?

For simplicity let us take an event date for this native..
Natal Chart
Date: July 24, 2006
Time: 14:30:00
Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT)
Place: 74 E 30' 00", 15 N 52' 00"
Belgaum, India
Altitude: 0.00 meters
Rasi Position of Planets
Body Longitude Nakshatra Pada Rasi Navamsa

Lagna 3 Sc 55' 31.83" Anu 1 Sc Le
Sun - GK 7 Cn 23' 54.42" Push 2 Cn Vi
Moon - AmK 28 Ge 03' 03.43" Puna 3 Ge Ge
Mars - DK 7 Le 02' 55.25" Magh 3 Le Ge
Mercury (R) - AK 28 Ge 06' 44.28" Puna 3 Ge Ge
Jupiter - PiK 15 Li 30' 54.32" Swat 3 Li Aq
Venus - PK 12 Ge 24' 40.80" Ardr 2 Ge Cp
Saturn - MK 19 Cn 06' 10.39" Asre 1 Cn Sg
Rahu - BK 4 Pi 13' 32.42" UBha 1 Pi Le
Ketu 4 Vi 13' 32.42" UPha 3 Vi Aq<

Coming to the Natal chart itself, we find that Mercury and Venus are in the 64th Navamsa area of Rahu – see calculations!! So the event was waiting to happen!!! Venus being the Sthir karka for spouse and Mercury is the Sthir Karka for friends and relatives. So the spouse was supposed to cheat on the native!!

This can be also confirmed from UL in the chart, UL is in Scorpio while Rahu is in Sagittarius. Rahu’s Drishti on UL is a sign of cheating in relations.

Coming on the event date – both Sun and Saturn are in Cancer, with Sun at 7:23:54, which is in the same quarter as the 64th Navamsa for Rahu calculated earlier. Sun is also the Lord of the 7th house!!!

Easy deduction? The day was destined to be a horrible surprise for the native – he came home to see his wife with some other person!!!

I will leave it upon the student to calculate 64th Navamsa degrees for each planetary body and confirm why this event happened on that particular day??? Sun crosses this point every year, remember??


Bottom line is calculating 64th Navamsa positions of each planet in a horoscope. Note down the degrees. Next look up at transit position of planets!!! See if any transit planet is in the 8th position from a planet in the Rasi Chart. The event will happen when the Transit planet will cross the 64th Navamsa degrees!!! Please note we did not use ANY DASA system!!! Now sit back and relax, take a good look at your horoscope and find out event dates!!! Next calculate the Kendra and Trinal Positions from 64th Navamsa degrees!!! Some events take place within this frame work too. In my own humble experience of 8 years using this technique I have predicted death, rape, marriage, awards, rewards and many other events!!! I will now leave it to the student to figure it out for him/her.